SCCG Management announces partnership with MultiLot Corporation

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Global advisory firm SCCG Management has disclosed a strategic partnership with technology company MultiLot Corporation.

MultiLot, led by CEO James Berger, positions itself to navigate global regulatory complexities, including GDPR enhancements in Europe and regulations in the Americas and APAC.

The company's technology platform is designed to address current compliance requirements and adapt to new regulatory demands.

Berger commented: "MultiLot Corporation is excited about this newly formed partnership with SCCG Management as we continue to position and scale the company. MultiLot has been uniquely positioned from the beginning to address growing regulatory complexity, whether GDPR enhancements in Europe, the multitudes launching in the Americas (CCPA, CDPA, CPPA, LGPD…), plus ever-changing regulations in APAC.

"The technology platform has a number of key differentiators to meet current compliance requirements, as well as features that retroactively apply new regulatory demands after data collection from past customers, so as to keep usability."

MultiLot Corporation,blackjack game with an established European presence in lotteries and gaming, is extending its footprint in the United States through platforms like Wavework.

Wavework, a service engagement platform used by sports entities, facilitates the management of customer experiences – aiming to enable businesses to strengthen customer relationships and drive additional revenue.

MultiLot's suite of customer management, engagement and fundraising tools, tailored for the US market, is backed by privacy and compliance technologies. Notably, the company has entered partnerships within the US, including with Flex Fantasy – a daily fantasy sports (DFS) platform.

In a recent development, SCCG Management announced its support for Flex Fantasy's expansion into more US states.

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